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Book Release Early 2016

Rhonda McFarlnd  has written a book on a phenomenon she calls modern day shapeshifting—a transformation of self that occurs when we disengage from our baggage-laden past and tap into the free and perfect part of ourselves: our souls.


She speaks from experience, documenting her own spiritual journey as a way to impart the lessons learned and perspective gained while embarking on her own shape-shifting experience.


This book is a thoughtful and thought provoking read on how to evolve ourselves when tapping into the power of our souls.


The author Thomas Ulrich in his book, * Made for One Another, defines soulmates to be twin souls, dual souls, one soul embodying the male principle the other embodying the female or two halves of the same person.     In his book he states that according to Edgar Cayce, in the beginning of creation a soul was a complete whole. It was both male and female.  He goes on to conclude that the first souls were able to create a companion by splitting that companion off from themselves.       The only way to understand this theory is metaphysically and in non-physical terms. The idea of a human body separating itself and surviving would be impossible. A separation of the ethereal body is conceivable.                                                   

Today many of us are engaging in a tremendous amount of spiritual and physiological conscious work on ourselves. We're meditating, praying, attending workshops, seminars, and retreats. This is good news because if mankind is going to evolve, it's going to take a lot of conscious people to lead the way. Yet, the vast majority of us who are engaging in these practices are making the same mistakes. I believe we tend to put far too much emphasis on the need to work out our personal psychological issues as part of our spiritual path.


Most individuals are not consciously creating negative events. At the core of our being is wholeness. It is invalid to say a sick person, rape victim, unhealthy baby or child consciously attracted illness or misfortune. No one is to blame, and no one should be faulted for these challenges that happen in all of our lives. Most individuals are not at fault when bad things happen because they did not ‘intentionally’ create the situation. When we look at the linear perspective of the individual experience there are accidents, challenges, winning and losing, and that is simply part of life!

On my amazing journey I discovered, contrary to many teachings; our core being/soul does not take off and leave. We don’t have to find where our soul is hiding. Our soul is never weak, scared or confused. Our soul is not fragmented and is in perfect divine condition.


I also came to understand our soul is our vital core and is never disconnected to the whole of us and the soul is the central or integral part of all of us and the vital principle in all humans. It is the seat of our real life, vitality and is a pure spirit. It is also the leader, the inspirer, the heart, pure energy, courage and the inherent power of goodness, the spiritual, rational, and immortal part of man.

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