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Shapeshifting as the ability to influence reality to effectively create more of what you desire that brings you joy. An ancient practice alive in our myths and legends, shapeshifting has been more popularized by recent studies of shamanism. For me, shapeshifting is accessing altered states of consciousness that ultimately heal, shift or change an aspect of life. Only the method or technique used to get you to that altered state is diverse. Many cultures, due to religious dogma or cultural stigma, have given shapeshifting a negative perspective. Modern Day Shapeshifters refer to the process by using more socially acceptable names, such as: hypnosis, visualization, prayer, meditation, journeying and inner healing. There is no right or wrong way to shapeshift. As I share with you my experiences and insights, you can experiment in your own world of shapeshifting and decide which method best fits you.


The earliest shapeshifters were known for the ability to shift their physical body into the shape of a particular animal. Ted Andrews, in his book, The Art of Shapeshifting, refers to this as zoomorphism. Since this has not been authenticated in the twentieth century, it may only be a myth or tale that has been passed along. Therefore, the methods I will be discussing are those I have identified as shapeshifting and have personally experienced.



  • Consciousness Shapeshifting is the first style of shapeshifting I experienced. The most popular form of shapeshifting used today, involves two or more people joining their consciousness to assist each other in manifesting a desired outcome. This can include the joining of a person’s consciousness with the consciousness of a place, object or another person. Many religions have used this method in prayer and meditation. Corporations use it in developing their businesses by bringing employees together on an agreed-upon specific outcome.

  • Performance Shapeshifting is quite popular in dance, rituals and the entertainment fields. Powerful actors and athletes are great performance shapeshifters. They know how to perform the actions/characteristics (real or make-believe) of the roles they are portraying iConscious-Intent Shapeshifting is the fastest growing method of shapeshifting today. The movie The Secret popularized this concept: intentionally shifting and organizing thoughts in one’s own mind to create a desired outcome. Ester Hicks, author of Ask and It Is Given, has been teaching this style of shapeshifting to encourage deliberate manifestations of our desired reality.n a performance.

  • Integration Shapeshifting is when a person believes he/she joins him/ herself physically with another being or object. The object can be another person, the soul/higher self, a place or a specific inanimate object, such as a flower, stone, animal or metal. The shapeshifter integrates his/her being and harmonizes with the object. Psychics, mediums, medical-intuitives and individuals who claim to channel have made this popular.

  • Kinetic-Intent Shapeshifting (KISS) is a technique I developed combining Conscious-Intent Shapeshifting with the Subtle-Consciousness of the mind/body: Joining focused intent along with simple therapeutic touch to influence desired outcome.


Rhonda McFarland 2012

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