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Rhonda McFarland is one of the most truly inspirational people I have ever had the pleasure and privilege to meet.  Her skills in business and communication have been an asset to the Upledger Institute and the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators. This book is educational and engaging. It will give you solid strategies to create a more empowered life.  I give Rhonda two enthusiastic thumbs up!
-John Matthew Upledger, CEO Upledger Institute


Ms. McFarland has served as my personal coach/therapist for over ten years. Her knowledge, experience and her approach has assisted me successfully working through major life transitions on a personal, family and professional level. I have considered her coaching/therapy of such significance that I have continued this relationship for years after she moved from the city in which I reside and plan to continue in the future. I am fortunate to have someone of Rhonda's credentials and caliber to provide coaching as I encounter and face new experiences in my life.

-Verneda, Bachus, CEO Healthcare



Rhonda’s level of cognition in personal, business and spirituality qualifies her to be an excellent candidate for any corporation or personal curriculum. She has intrinsic understanding of the integral approach along with extensive learning. Rhonda has tremendous communication skills and as a result brings greater understanding of Integral Consciousness to her clients, public and spiritual communities. She is highly motivated and lives her personal life based upon Integral Principles.


As a Christian pastor, she has helped me to integrate and transform my level of spiritual consciousness to a more integral approach to my faith. Her conscious level of development perfectly places her to be an excellent coach for any person or business. Once again, I highly recommend Rhonda McFarland.

-Dr. Patterson, Miami, FL.



I have been consulting with Ms. McFarland since 2001 for general relaxation as well as dealing with ad-hoc problems. I continued consulting with her (via telephone) when she left the Kansas City area. She has no equals in the Kansas City area where I live. Rhonda has provided me with several strategies to cope with daily stressors as well as helped me through some significant challenges in my life. Since I began seeing Rhonda McFarland in late 2001 my life has made a 360 degree turnaround. I have become more relaxed, focused and able to deal with conflict and situations as they arise.

-Dan, CPA, Kansas City, MO



Rhonda has a way of taking complex and painful issues, and devising a workable plan that addresses and heals those issues. She is one of the most multi-talented, multi-faceted professionals with whom I have ever had the privilege to know. I would highly recommend her to anyone. I will forever be thankful that she has been a part of my life.

-Christian Schultz, Specialty Retail Vice President


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