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Your Soul is Intact

On my amazing journey I discovered, contrary to many teachings; our core being/soul does not take off and leave. We don’t have to find where our soul is hiding. Our soul is never weak, scared or confused. Our soul is not fragmented and is in perfect divine condition.


I also came to understand our soul is our vital core and is never disconnected to the whole of us and the soul is the central or integral part of all of us and the vital principle in all humans. It is the seat of our real life, vitality and is a pure spirit. It is also the leader, the inspirer, the heart, pure energy, courage and the inherent power of goodness, the spiritual, rational, and immortal part of man.






I ultimately came to the understanding that our soul will take us on a fantastic journey but may not tell us exactly where we are going. I read a quote once. “I followed the road less traveled and now I don’t know where the hell I am.” Sometimes, it is so true.


I also came to understand the confused, weak and scared part of our being is our human spirit. The human spirit can become damaged resulting in emotional fluctuations, instability, fear, panic and dysfunction. This causes the human spirit to not fully remain integrated with its soul. Only in the thinking part of the human spirit are we ever separated from our soul. This understanding has profoundly changed my perspective.


When we live in fear and believe our soul has bolted it is terribly disconcerting. But when we come to understand the magnificence of our soul we can rest in its vibration. I have come to believe the human part of us that begs God for help is simply when we have found our self without the capacity to understand the bigger picture. I also learned it is not always easy to distinguish the soul voice from the human spirit’s voice, because our soul voice has become more silenced by the human spirit’s fears. The soul is the part of you that won’t let you rest until you have fulfilled your life purpose and given your gifts you were born to share. We get caught up in life and don’t know to connect to our soul calling. The soul is the part of you that will not let go until you have lived your dream!


When I was able to understand my soul’s essence I gave it a name. The name is a constant reminder for me that even when I am scared, exhausted and frightened in my humanness, I can rest in my soul’s vibrational energy and get tremendous relief and comfort as I allow things fall more into place.


Modern day shapeshifting and living by soul design is ultimately about aligning ourselves with our soul’s essence. It is aligning our human spirit back to the natural vibration of the soul and often it requires the insights and techniques I share in this book. In my experience if I follow my soul I arrive at my destiny and when I follow the intellectual mind I arrive at my fate.


Modern Day Shapeshifting is ultimately about shaping your life to experience joy. I am convinced that life is supposed to be lived more joyfully. Life is about expressing joy in each day and gracefully handling any event that each day brings.


My mother created her life; living and dying with peace and joy. Joy because she always had hope for tomorrow believing that even in death she would experience heaven. That is living by design. For her, one more day of joy was worth it all!


Rhonda McFarland  2013


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