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REVIEW: Rhonda McFarlnd  has written a book on a phenomenon she calls shapeshifting—a transformation of self that occurs when we disengage from our baggage-laden past and tap into the free and perfect part of ourselves: our souls. She speaks from experience, documenting her own spiritual journey as a way to impart the lessons learned and perspective gained while embarking on her own shape-shifting experience.

The author has a clear and personable writing style. She is well spoken and has clearly thought a lot about the subject on which she writes. She is also able to break down more complex and allusive subjects for her readers, making them approachable. I thought the story of her mother’s passing was particularly touching, and I think readers will admire her mother’s (and the author’s) approach to life and death. The author is also very clear about approaching the ideas she discusses as a practitioner and not an expert, and I think readers will really appreciate this honesty

This book is a thoughtful and thought provoking read on how to evolve ourselves when tapping into the power of our souls.


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Book Release Early 2016

Table of Content


Why Bad Things Happen to Everyone

My Personal Journey to Shapeshifting

On My Own

My Mother the Shapeshifter

Results versus Survival Consciousness

Director of Your Experiences

A Brief Look at Quantum Physics


Conscious-Intent Shapeshifting

Collective-Consciousness Shapeshifting

Performance Shapeshifting and Hypnotherapy

Integration Shapeshifting

Kinetic-Intent Shapeshifting

Tools For Shapeshifting

Your Core Being is Intact

Your Central Nervous System and Brain Function

Understand How You Communicate

Masculine and Feminine Characteristics

Masculine and Feminine Body Language

Personal Growth and Stage Development

Change Your Habits

A Brief Look at Vibrational Energy

Who I Was, Who I Am, Where I Am Going

Define the Unacceptable and Set Results for the Future

Define the Way You Think

Character and Emotional Guidance Scale

Change Your Reactions to Responses

Change Your Reactions to Responses (Meditation)

Clear Your Emotional Blocks

Change Your Beliefs

Keep Believing

Shift Your Point of View

Bond with Empowered Emotions

Recognizing the Many Parts to Your Personality

A Brief Look at Psychology, Religion and Spirituality

Right versus Wrong

Relationships, Happiness and The Law of Attraction

Your New Reality

Surrender and Faith

Trust and Coping

My Shapeshifting Journey Continues



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